A Harvest of Hearts

A Harvest of Hearts
Book Two
The Amish of Seymour
Laura V. Hilton
Releases September 2011
Whitaker House

Shanna Stoltzfus is a bad girl who is really a good girl.  Just my type of person, a good person at heart with a mischevious streak, a bit irreverent, but knows what is important.  Shanna like many of us does not like rules that are not steady, and often different bishops intrepret things differently, thus she is rather unsure about the Amish faith.  Not unsure about God, just about being Amish.  She runs away from the rules and goes to nursing school, but summer break brings a dilemna, her class is going on a mission trip to Mexico, but she was unable to raise the funds to go, and cannot stay on campus during the break, so she turns to the only place she knows, home.  Will she find acceptance or rejection?
One thing she does find that is totally unexpected is Matthew Yoder, one of the men from Pennsylvania, who came for the man swap.  He is boarding with her family and helping her dad in the furniture shop.  His eyes and his personality make Shanna rethink her career choice and her return to school.
I loved this book, I think it is my favorite in the series thus far.  Shanna was a character I could totally relate to, I felt her pain and struggle with the rules and with feeling rejected, I also felt her joy in the simple things of life.  I have to say I did cry in this book, I could feel the pain and agony she was facing.  260 pages $9.99 US 5 stars.

Special thanks to Cathy Hickling @ Whitaker House for sending me the ARC of this book for review.

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