Where Wildflowers Bloom - Review

Sisters at Heart Book One
Ann Shorey

Faith Lindberg is a dreamer.  She dreams of going west, after all there is not much left for her in Noble Springs Missouri, except sad memories.  Losing her grandmother, and mother as a young child, she grew up in a house of men, her grandfather, father, and brother. Loosing both, her father and brother in the war,  now it is just Faith and her grandfather, and she is determined they should leave their sad memories and go west.  Royal Baxter is a legend in her mind, she is sure that he will return from the war and sweep her off her feet.  Imagine her dismay, when she sees him for the first time, and he doesn't even recognize her.  However it is not long before he starts courting her.  She is delighted, but does not feel that same excitement about him that she did before he returned from the war. 
Taking over her grandfather's mercantile is proving to be an exhausting and frustrating job for her.  A robbery leaves her inventory wiped out, and mismanagement of the store's books leaves her bank account too low to replenish the store.  When Royal Baxter asks her to marry him, that seems to be the answer, but why is she so unsettled about it all, and why can she not give him an answer right away? 
I loved this book, sat down and read it in one sitting.  The friendships that Faith develops as she learns the business  are amazing.  Plus she proves she has a heart of compassion with her willingness to help others.  This story will delight you and have you looking forward to the next book in the Sisters of the Heart Series.  325 pages US $14.99 4.5 stars

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