The Accidental Bride

A Big Sky Romance
Denise Hunter

Shay Brandeberger just wants to get ahead.  Since her husband left her, and then later died, she has struggled to make her ranch a success.  The same ranch she grew up on, the same ranch, she returned to in shame, left on the county courthouse steps in her wedding dress by Travis McCoy, as a young woman.  Always worried about how people perceived her, she has not changed in that aspect of life.  She is so afraid that people are feeling sorry for her as she struggles that when an accidental marriage takes place between she and Travis at the town's annual re-enactment at Bridal Falls, she accepts his offer to help her out.  What she does not count on, is the fact that he is still in love with her and she too still loves him, but she is so afraid of being hurt she cannot let go of the anger towards him from the abandonment years ago. 
Renewing our acquaintance with Wade and Abigail and Maddie is a fun part of this book, they were in the first Big Sky Series book, and knowing their story helps, but this book will stand alone without having read book one of the series.  I enjoy Denise's book, they are delightfully fresh and she addresses issues head on.  A great story, easy to read and greatly enjoyed!  320 pages US $15.99 4 stars. 
This book was provided by B & B Media  for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review. 

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