Marrying Miss Marshall

Love Inspired Historical
Lacy Williams

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Danna Carpenter cannot buy help, since her husband was murdered, she is now the Sheriff and cannot get any help.  It is nearly like there is a plot against her.  A new man in town offers his help, turns out he is a private investigator hired to find out who is stealing cattle in the area.  Throwing his hat in the ring to help her, sets him up as a target too. 
Trying to find out who murdered her husband is at the top of Danna's priority list.  But she is hindered by the fact that no one will help her as deputies, and she keeps wondering if someone is threatening the former deputies, keeping them from helping her and causing her fail at her job. 
The attraction to the new guy in town, also really alarms Danna.  She has never felt like this, even with her husband who was murdered. 
This was  quick read, really sweet story with a happy ending. Definitely a book to read and enjoy on a quiet afternoon.  4 stars
This book was provided by Christian Bookworm for review purposes only..no payment was received for this review.   

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