The Amish Wedding

Three Amish Novellas
Beth Wiseman
Kathleen Fuller
Kelly Long
Thomas Nelson

Three different authors have joined together to write these novellas, each in their own style, but connecting the stories.  Priscilla King is getting married, and she is worried that all the many things going wrong are a sign that she should not be getting married.  Her worrying nature is trying to take over, instead of her following her heart, knowing she is loved and that she loves her beau, Chester.  In one of the other stories Rose, Priscilla's friend is convinced that her groom to be is hiding secrets, especially when she discovers him in the woods, dressed as an Englisher, what is he up to?  Does he not realize that she recognizes him?  Naomi King is determined that she will make the perfect gift for her sister Priscilla's wedding gift.  Also she will be baking the perfect wedding cake too, in fact everything that Naomi does has to be perfect, is this why she hasn't allowed herself to fall in love after being hurt so bad by a previous beau?  Chester's cousin Zeke is determined to push past all of that and prove to Naomi that he wont hurt her.  Three stories intertwined to make one great book.  A great afternoon of reading! I thoroughly enjoyed each of these stories, easy to read, enjoyable stories! 4 stars 357 pages $15.99
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