The Harvest of Grace

An Ada's House Novel
Cindy Woodsmall
Waterbrook Press

I have to begin my review by saying, this book by far exceeded my expectations!!  I always expect Cindy Woodsmall books to be good, but this one was above great!  It drug me in and I could not put it down until I finished it. 
Now what made this book so good? It was full of twists and turns that you just don't expect in the average Amish novel.  Romance gone bad, single woman kissing a married man, Amish man in rehab program for alcoholism, anger, rage, and much more.  All the characters of this book that we have met before, continue on, dealing with their issues, some resolving them, some to learn about in later books (hopefully) but each one with issues that are real, that we each face daily. 
A new character that we meet is Sylvia Fisher, a young woman who knows that the traditional Amish marriage and relationship is not what she seeks from life.  She loves her faith, but still knows that as a wife, her opinion on farm matters (a subject dear to her heart) won't matter to her father and her husband, and she is not sure she is ready for that.  What she finds out however is that the betrayal that comes when her beau marries her closest sister, is much harder on her than a traditional marriage would have been and she must escape!  Her father is against it, but finally gives his permission, however he forbids her sisters to write her or her to write them. She plunges into her work on the Blank farm, helping out Michael and Dora to the best of her ability, but the lonliness for her sisters is a constant part of her.  When Michael and Dora's son Aaron returns to the farm after being in rehab for alcoholism, things change fast on the farm and Sylvi is afraid all her hard work will be for nothing, since Aaron is bent on getting his parents to sell the farm and move to Owl's Perch.  Will either of them ever realize their dream? 
Again I want to say I loved this book!!  It was given to me by a friend, so no review was required, but I had to review it since I did love it so much.  335 pages US $13.99 5 stars

This book was a gift to me and no payment was provided for this review

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