Chasing Mona Lisa

Tricia Goyer
Mike Yorkey

Wow, this one was hard, it is hard to write a review on a book by a favorite author that didn't blow your socks off.  And this one didn't do that for me.  The story line was sweet between Eric and Gabi, but there were lots of side stories that distracted.  And I had a difficult time with not knowing what some of the French phrases meant.  A translation page at the end of the book would have helped greatly. 
While it was obvious they did their research, I just had trouble buying the story.  My favorite character in the book was Gabi, she was sweet, good at her job, but sometimes it was hard following along because the book moved through scenes a bit fast,  and the romance between she and Eric seemed to move a bit fast at the beginning of the book, having only been working together a mere 3 weeks.
All in all I have to give this book a 3.5 star rating.  325 pages US $14.99

This book was provided for review purposes, no payment was received for this review. 
Available January 2012 from your favorite bookseller of Revell Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

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