Point of No Return

Susan May Warren
LIS Steeple Hill

A great story from Susan May Warren!  Chet Stryker has already lost one woman that he loved and is not willing to take that chance again.  He however is not prepared for the fact that his decision will nearly cost him that love.  Mae Lund is a pilot who is a risk taker, willing to fly dangerous missions, and she wants a job with his new security company.  Their attraction to each other makes her hopeful that the job will be hers, but Chet's protective nature is not having any of it.  A call out of the blue from Mae asking him to return to a war ridden nation, where he has been banned and has a price on his head, for his help to find her nephew.  He refuses to help her and he tells her that she should not go to that country, he should have known that would not stop a determined Mae. 
A fast paced story, filled with danger and romance.  Susan May Warren does a great job telling this action packed story.  A really quick read, that is very enjoyable, make sure to get your copy today!!  216 pages US $5.50 4 stars.  A discussion guide is included. 

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