When Lightning Strikes

One Man's Journey to Heaven and Back
A True Story of Hope and Grief
Kay and Bobby Brunson

CBR Review:
Kay and Bobby Brunson, sent me this book to review, and while I normally do not review self-published books, I did review this because I am highly interested in books about heaven.  Having lost my son in 2009, stories about people going to heaven and coming back, catch my interest very quickly, and I wanted to hear the Brunson's story.
While it is obvious that the Brunson's are not authors, (I don't mean this in a mean manner) they very clearly tell their story of how Bobby survived a lightning strike.  With no heartbeat or pulse for twenty eight minutes, it is very obvious that if Bobby does survive he will be a vegetable.  But that is not how this story ends up, it ends up with a recovery and Bobby sharing his story of heaven with anyone who will listen.  The descriptions that Bobby give of heaven, and talking with his father and father in law are great, but the true description that will catch everyone's attention is his description of meeting Jesus! 
A quick easy read, that will answer your questions about life after death.  You will want to read this book!
I give this book a four star rating. 98 pages.

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