Forever After

A Hanover Falls Novel
Deborah Raney
Howard Books
A Division of Simon & Schuster

CBR Review:
Jenna Morgan is trying to come to terms with the fact that she is broke, she is beyond broke.  Already leaving above their means, when her husband Zach died in the horrible fire that killed several firefighters.   Things have not improved since he died.  Facing the facts, she knows she has to sell her house they had built.  An offer from her inlaws to live with him, seems to be the answer to where she will live, but when she moves in she finds out in a hurry that things will not work out like this. 
Demanding that she follow rules, is not the breaking point, dictating that she cannot be friends with Bryn is what leads to her leaving their home. 
Bryn proves to be a great and true friend allowing her to stay with her at her apartment, and Jenna finds a job at the local grocery store.  Her mother in law is horrified, and begs her to come back, but Jenna knows this is her one chance to find out what in life is really important, and her friends will help her discover this. 
A sweet story, I was able to read this book in one sitting, I love Deborah Raney's books and this second installment in the Hanover Falls series was as good as the first one.  I cannot wait for the third installment of this story!  Deborah Raney has a great talent for telling a story, even a hard story filled with sadness, and sorrow, and telling it well!  Make sure to read this book, you will not be disappointed!  393 pages US 14.99 4 stars
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Press Release about the book:
Forever After Cover
Forever After
by Deborah Raney
Jenna Morgan mourned the loss of her husband, Zach, in the fire that destroyed the Hanover Falls homeless shelter and claimed the lives of three other firefighters. A year later, her ability to keep up the charade of prosperity she and Zach lived is at an end. Even with financial help from Zach's parents, she can't make the mortgage and credit card payments. But Jenna Morgan refuses to go back to the trailer home life from which she escaped. She's come so far. She just can't go back to that.
Lucas Vermontez has endured physical therapy for a year, but the legs crushed while he fought the homeless shelter fire are nowhere near 100% yet. Will his dream of returning to the fire station ever become reality? And can he conquer these feelings he has for his best buddy's widow?

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