The Promise of An Angel

A Heaven on Earth Novel
Ruth Reid
Thomas Nelson
Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Judith Fischer, loved children, and all her life all she has ever wanted it to join the church, marry and have a family. However an event that will forever change her life is threatening her dreams. During a barn raising her young brother fell from the roof of the barn, when Judith arrived to her brother, there was an Englischer standing over young Samuel, but he wasn't a regular man, he was an angel.
No one seemed to believe Judith's account of the angel appearing by Samuel, in fact if anything they discouraged her from talking about it. To the point that the bishop of her Amish community forebade her to talk of it at all. What would she do? Would she risk her dreams, even her very ability to remain with her family, to share the truth. Would her faith, carry her through this time of tragedy? The tragic accident to her brother, but the tragic unbelief of her family and friends was just as devastating to Judith's faith. \
Can you even begin to imagine how disturbing that had to be, to a young woman who is raised in a strict religious upbringing. Angels were only in the Bible, they surely would not appear to a young willful girl would they?
This is Ruth Reid's first book, and I have to say that her writing maturity was beyond impressive. She told a story that is often unread of in Amish books, with great writing, and you will not want to miss this book. I cried and laughed my way through this book, the characters were so alive to me. I cannot wait to read more from this new author. 304 pages $14.99 US 5 stars.

This book was provided for review purposes, no payment was received for this review.

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