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Welcome Ruth, to Cindy's Reviews, I am so excited to ask you a few questions, I loved your book, and really wanted to get to know the author behind such a wonderful story. 

What interested you in becoming an author?
As an extreme introvert, I was the unsocial misfit who sat in the corner wishing I belonged with the “in” crowd, but I wouldn’t compromise to be someone I wasn’t. As a result, creating characters meant being able to create friends. I still struggle with stepping out of my shell. I remember the first writing contest I entered. The Young Authors Writing Contest, my story was selected as one of the finals and I remember sitting on stage (we had to come prepared to read our story) praying I didn’t win. I was so frightened I knew I wouldn’t be able to read aloud. Thankfully, God answered that prayer!    

Why did you choose to write an Amish story?

While in college, I lived with retired dairy farmers who introduced me to the Amish. Their way of life is fascinating. They work without modern farm equipment, travel by horse and buggy, and live without electricity and phones. The more I found out about their deep-rooted faith, the more I wanted to learn more.

The story of the angel is something I have personally never seen in Amish books, what inspired you to write about angels?
Most stories start out with  ‘what if…’ In the case of The Promise of an Angel, the what if stemmed from the idea: What if the source of conflict was from God (His angel) instead of the world that the Amish are watchful to avoid. Would Judith be able to stand on faith if she was the only one who had seen the angel?

Tell us about you?
I’m married to Dan, my college sweetheart. We have three children Lexie, Danny, and Sarah. Two dogs Zyvox and Lady Bird.
I like sharing what God’s done for me (and because my son gets embarrassed, I have to save sharing for when he’s not around): My son, Danny, was born in liver failure. He spent nine months on the liver transplant list before he received a transplant. The trial changed my life and I still stand amazed at what God has done. Danny still struggles. He’s in speech classes—he never spoke until he was 3years old and then he left off beginning and ending sounds. Sarah, his sister was ‘R’. Since he never rolled over, sat up or crawled prior to the transplant, he missed the milestones we all take for granted, so he’s in occupational therapy. On top of that he has dyslexia, but this June marks 12 years since his transplant, and I praise God every chance I get! This is also my plug for organ donor awareness. As a reminder…God doesn’t need any organs in heaven.  

What can we expect for your next book?
The next book, Brush of Angles Wings, more angels will return to Hope Falls, the fictional Michigan settlement. 
Just a fun question for the end, what do you do for fun?

I love photography.

You can find Ruth on the web at her facebook page and her website RuthReid.com
Thanks for joining us here at Cindy's Book Reviews, I loved your book and my review posted yesterday.
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