The Lightkeeper's Ball

A Mercy Falls Novel
Colleen Coble
Thomas Nelson

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Olivia Stewart has always had her name, in fact she was often wondering if her name was the only thing that attracted her friends to her, and she was sure that was why most men wanted to court her. Marrying a Stewart was a boost to any man's business and life. So when her father suddenly died, and the money dried up, she didn't really know why, but knew that her mother was pushing her to make a good marriage. Olivia just wanted to marry for love. When her sister who was engaged to Harrison Bennett was found drowned in Mercy Falls California, Olivia knew that something was wrong. Eleanor was scared to death of water and would have never willingly went into water, no matter how distressed she was.
Traveling to California under her title, Lady Devonworth, Olivia wanted the anonymity to explore and investigate why her sister suddenly died, she also wanted to meet and get to know Harrison Bennett, since her mother was pushing her to marry him in her sister's stead. What she didn't know was whether or not she could trust him. Another thing she did not count on was being attracted to him. After arriving in California, several odd accidents to herself, leaves Olivia wondering who is trying to kill her, and why did her sister believe that their father was not dead. There is something wrong and Olivia must get to the bottom of it all, before she is killed.
I absolutely enjoyed this book, I read it while sitting in a waiting room, and was so disappointed when the person I was waiting for came out before I finished the last chapter, I had to read it the minute I arrived home. Definitely a great suspenseful story! I was so shocked when I got to the end finding out who was behind it all. Great story! 304 pages US $14.99 5 stars.

This book was provided for review purposes by TBB Media, no payment was received for this book.

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