A Heart Divided

Heart of the Rockies
Book One
Kathleen Morgan
Fiction/Historical Romance

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Set in the late 1800's A Heart Divided is a story of old, feuding over land.  Feeling slighted and cheated out of his land Jacob Caldwell is determined he will never end the feud with the Wainwrights.  He is even willing to use his daughter as bait to distract the only person on the ranch while he and the boys rob the house.  What he doesn't know is that Sarah will end up paying for his reckless behavior when Cord Wainwright, the man she was distracting catches her in town while she was getting medicine for her younger brother.
These events set off a story that is tumultuous in every bend and corner of the story.  Unforgiveness, hatred and revenge is the theme of the story, but on the sidelines is Nick Wainwright and Sarah Caldwell who are trying hard to bring an end to the old feud, who are trying hard to show those feuding that forgiveness is the only way to end this madness.  Who knew that Sarah would loose her heart and fall in love with Cord Wainwright and he with her.
A story that kept me intrigued from beginning to the end, I was sure that there was more to the story than the Caldwell's just rustling cattle and causing problems and I was right, no spoilers here but don't be surprised to find a wasp stirring up the nest in this book!  Kathleen Morgan has given us a great story!  329 pages US $14.99 4 stars.
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