The Thorn

The Rose Triology
Beverly Lewis
Bethany House

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Rose Kauffman is sure she will always be Amish, in fact she is so positive, she did not have a rumschpringe.  She joined the church without having one.  Will she regret doing that?  She is positive that she will not regret it, she loves her life, and she loves being Amish.  Rose is stretched a bit thin with all the things she has to do, taking care of her mother, and her regular chores.  Plus working for Mr. Browning cooking and cleaning, time often is not a commodity that is plentiful for Rose, but she takes time to read, and takes time for her friend Nick. 
Nick is the bishop's adopted son, he has not joined the church, and seems rebellious.While he does seem unappreciative of the fact the bishop took him into his own family,  Rose knows that he is really a good guy down deep.  They spend alot of time together cleaning in the barn, working with the animals.  They also like to go horseback riding together, but not everyone is seeing their friendship as a good thing. 
Hen, Rose's older sister left the community during her running around marrying an Englischer, but now she is looking back and missing her roots.  She does not like the stuff her husband watches on tv, and lets little Mattie watch.  However divorce is not something you hear about in Amish families, so when she and little Mattie shows up at her parent's home, they are worried.  They push Hen and make sure that she knows her place is with her husband. 

A great story of friendship, regrets and life decisions, this is a great book.  I know this will surprise alot of people, but this is the first Beverly Lewis book I have ever reviewed.  I totally enjoyed the book and do look forward to book two of this triology which is due out in April.  344 pages US $14.99 5 stars. 

Thanks to Jim Hart at Bethany House, for providing this book for me to review!!

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