Long Time Coming

Vanessa Miller
Abingdon Press

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Betrayed, this is often how Kenisha Smalls could describe her life, from the time she was six years old, she found out that life was not kind to her.  A little girl in the projects, being molested by a step daddy, a momma who accused her of trying to steal that man, and then staying drunk all the time.  A sister who dies at the hand of a beater.  A baby at fifteen, and two more, for a total of three children by the time she was twenty one years old.  Yes Kenisha Smalls can definitely say that life has betrayed her, but the ultimate betrayal is coming, when she finds herself twenty three years old and dying of cancer, who will take care of her children? 
Deidre Clark-Morris, loves kids.  She works is a school principal, and all her married life she dreams of being a mother.  But a deep secret that she has known since she was a teenager, keeps her from conceiving.  The sad part is she has kept the secret from her loving husband, and now seven years later she is sure that telling him, will rip their marriage apart. 
Two women from totally different walks of life, with totally different views of life, thrown together by an illness no one can control.  Will they become friends and will they be able to help each other through these hard times? 
This beautiful story of God's grace and love will move you to tears, your heart will be broken over this as you read,  but you will come away feeling refreshed. (no reveals here) Definitely a book you NEED to read!  Vanessa Miller has written a book that is life changing, not only for the characters in the story, but it will change you as you read it!  301 pages US $14.99 5 stars.
This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review. 

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