Sarah's Christmas Miracle

Mary Ellis
Harvest House Publishers

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Sarah Beachy has a good life, she is nineteen, and has not joined the church yet.  And while she has not had the typical rumschpringe, she just has not been ready to commit to the church yet.  She knows that joining the church will open the way for her beau, Adam Troyer to ask her to marry him, and while she is fairly positive she loves him, she is unsettled about having a family. 
She has questions that she wants answers to.  Questions about why her brother Caleb so easily walked away from his Amish home and life, for a life among the Englisch in Cleveland.  She wants to know why a child would leave his parents and siblings, she wants to understand that before she has her own family.
Her mamm is not happy about the trip Sarah has decided to take to find Caleb, and neither is Adam, but Sarah is determined to find answers.  Will she find the answers she is looking for?  Will she find what she is looking for in Cleveland?
I believe this is the first Mary Ellis book I have ever read and I truly enjoyed it.  Ms Ellis, truly caught the atmosphere of a young Amish girl looking to find her way.  I enjoyed this book very much.  144 pages US $10.99 4 stars.
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