Second Chance Brides

Texas Boarding House Brides
Book Two
Vickie McDonough
Barbour Publishing

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

What a situation.  A wedding, a tornado during the reception, and two single women who were brought to the small Texas town of Lookout Texas, with no idea of how they will live or what they will do.
Brought to the town under false pretenses by the Corbett brothers as a joke on their cousin Luke, Shannon O'Neil and Leah Bennett find themselves to be the center of nearly all the male attention in town.  Now that the truth has come out that the Corbett brothers were only playing a trick on their cousin, and that cousin has married his childhood sweetheart, the two ladies are stranded in a town with no family, no jobs and are being supported by the two men.  It is all proper, they are staying in a boarding house and the Corbett brothers are paying their room and board until they know what they are going to do, since it was their fault the ladies were even in town.
Shannon and Leah, love the little town of Lookout, and the people and Shannon has no family left to return to, and Leah has too much family, and a daddy who would sell her off to the highest bidder as a bride, they neither have a desire to leave the little town, but how will they survive, and what will they do in such a small town to make a living?
They both find themselves falling for local men, but will this be the answer to their troubles, will marriage be the answer?
A wonderfully written book, easy to read, and quick moving you will laugh at the antics of the Corbett brothers, you will cry in dismay with Shannon and Leah as their situations look dire.  A great story, for a nice afternoon of reading.  319 pages  $12.99 US 4 stars
This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.
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