Devotions for the God Girl

A 365-Day Journey
Hayley DiMarco
Hungry Planet
Non-Fiction/TNGN/Youth Devotional

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Are you a God girl?  Do you look for love and acceptance?  Do you strive to do what God would have you to do in your life? Is your greatest hunger and desire in life to seek God? To hear Him speak to you?
This wonderful little book will take you through a year of daily devotions written to you, a young woman who is seeking the heart of God.  Haley DiMarco will take you through daily devotions, you will read and learn more about things that affect today's teenage girl. 
Some of the topics covered, are shyness, victim mentality, idolatry, hearing God's voice, when you don't hear God's voice, friendships and what type of friends you have, and what that says about you, spiritual laziness, compassion for the poor, being controlled by stuff, consumerism.  ON and on the topics go.  Vital, everyday life matters.  Things everyone needs to consider and think about in their lives, but more especially young people. 
An easy to read devotional, that will keep your interest and will peak your hunger for the things of God.  A small book easy to carry with you daily, and in a nice hardback cover.  A great book!  Most definitely a book I will be sharing with my teenage nieces. 
Learn more about this book, and about God Girl at their website.
This book was provided for review purposes only.

Available October 2010 from your favorite bookseller Revell Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

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