City in Stone
T. L. Higley
B & H Fiction

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Set in 106 AD, during the rule of the Roman Empire over a large part of the known world at that time, we open this story to find Cassia, mother to Alexander and concubine/slave to Aretas.  Abused by Aretas and treated as nothing but a punching bag and a pleasure giver, Cassia, is ready to make her run for it.  However Aretas's greed changes all her plans, when he is caught cheating a traveling caravan leader and murdered for that act.  Escaping, with just the clothes on their backs and a few coins,  Cassia heads for the unknown city of Petra.  Knowing that Aretas came from there she hopes to find sympathy and a home for her and her son.  What she finds instead is frightening and will test Cassia to her very depths.
Once she discovers who is the family of Aretas, she knows that all has changed, her son is in line for the throne, and dark forces at work will do anything to prevent it.  Operating through the current queen, the dark forces are determined to kill Cassia's son.  How will she save him from this menace, she has no understanding of?
Cassia's new friends who have helped her from her very arrival into the city, are new Christians, followers of Christ and enemies of the dark forces at work over the city of Petra.  Will they be able to help her save her son?
A fast moving story, that you will quickly be able to read, your interest will be caught from the beginning to the very last page.  This story was a beautifully written story, true T. L. Higley style.  I enjoyed every page of this story and hated to see the end of the book.  A must read!  328 pages $14.99 US 5 stars

This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.

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