Her Daughter's Dream

Her Daughter's Dream
Francine Rivers

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Her Daughter's Dream, takes up right where Her Mother's Hope left off. Francine Rivers, has such a wonderful gift of telling a story, that it will stand alone without reading the first book, but it does help to know the story of the first book.

Marta, now known as Oma has come to the realization that she should have done some things in her life different, perhaps a bit of kindness with Hildemara, instead of the harshness she had shown her all her life, would have improved the relationship between them. However what greatly grieves Marta is seeing the same pattern with her granddaughter Carolyn and her great granddaughter May Flower Dawn.

The family grows up, and grieves as a grandson goes off to fight in the Vietnam War, never to return. Greater grief takes places when the only surviving child of Hildemara and Trip, disappears into the crazed drug scene of the sixties. They near grieve themselves to death, only to find that when she does come home, there are things they just don't seem able to move past. Fast forward several years and Carolyn has grown into a wonderful responsible single mother, who falls in love with an old high school friend, after much pursuing on his part, and a new family is born.

A new family with the same struggles, as the old family had, the grandmother and daughters not bonding with their mothers. A story of struggles, hurts and dashed hopes.

This book will keep you reading from front to back. Be prepared to have your tissues, as your heart will tear and break with the family as they loose loved ones, laugh along as they celebrate victories and milestones. I loved this new Francine Rivers books and appreciate the chance to review it. 438 pages $24.99 Hardcover 5 stars!

Thanks to Tyndale publishing for providing this book for review.

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