Vanishing Act

Liz Johnson
Love Inspired Suspense
Steeple Hill Books

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Nora James, watched in horror as her father was shot in cold blood right in front of her.  Hating to leave him there, with the shooter, she knew she had to get away, as he had told her.  When she left, she knew she would never see her father again, she was positive he was dead, and she also knew that she had to get lost. Literally, she had to loose herself, change her identity and never return to her home in Portland again, and that is exactly what she did.
What Nora did not realize was, that her father had turned state evidence and was wired  with a bug for prosecution purposes and her father also was not dead.  The FBI is now looking for her, because the big trial is coming up and the mole in the bad guy's organization had let them know that they too were looking for her and had an idea of the town she was in. 
Nathan Andersen,  Special FBI agent was sent to the small town of Cresent City, where he rents a small apartment and starts a class at the community college.  What Nate didn't count on was a distraction.  A distraction of the female form, the mechanic who taught the class at the community college, and who also fixed his car after he busted something on the bottom of the car.  Trying to not focus on Danielle, was hard, she was gorgeous, and she had a fun personality, but the really alarming thing was someone was after her.  Several someones, it seemed. 
Will Nathan find Nora James in the small town of Cresent City, or will he become so distracted by the beautiful Danielle that he fails on this special mission?
I enjoyed Liz Johnson's fast moving story, it kept my attention and I was happy to see that my suspect list was correct.  Danielle and Nathan's faith were very evident in this book, and was a great part of the story!  215 pages $5.50 US 4 stars
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