Unwilling Warrior

Seasons of Redemption
Andrea Boeshaar
Realms A Strang Company

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Valerie Fontaine, is an only child, who has been pampered and spoiled by her parents to a large degree.  That changes however with her mother's sudden death.  Valerie comes home from boarding school, much to her father's chagrin.  He is not pleased and seems to be drinking himself to death.  Valerie is at a loss of what to do to help her father. 
Ben McCabe is a war photographer, in search of his brother who disappeared during a battle.  His brother Luke is a chaplain and was swept away during a battle and Ben has been looking for him ever since.  In New Orleans to look for his brother and to check on Mr. Fontaine for his father, Ben is surprised to find he is falling hard for Valerie. 
Will their attraction overcome the storm that is coming?  Charged with supplying Federal gunboats with weapons, Valerie's father is in deep trouble, which in turn causes Valerie to come under suspicion of conspiracy.  Fleeing her home before she is arrested, Ben helps her to go to his family in Missouri.  Will she be safe or is there more trouble for Valerie. 
This book is a wondefully written book to bury your nose in, during an afternoon.  You will wonder just what else can go wrong for Valerie.  Will she find true happiness?  Will she ever see her father again? Take time to read this book and find out!!  (no spoilers here LOL) 278 pages $10.99 US 4 stars. 

This book was provided for review purposes only.  NO payment was received for this review.

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