Seeds of Summer

Seasons of the Tall Grass
Deborah Vogts

Reveiwed by Cindy Loven

Natalie Adams, a rodeo queen has life by the tail.  She is the runner up in a national rodeo pageant, she is going to college, she has big dreams.  That come to a screeching halt, when her father is killed in a freak tractor accident.  Returning home to care for her younger brother and sister, she is overwhelmed.  And even more so when she learns there is no money in the bank.  Where can her father have left his money?  He didn't trust banks, so obviously he had another plan to keep the money safe, but what was that plan?  Dealing with their sorrow each in their own way, Natalie, Chelsey and Dillon all are grief struck and floundering trying to find a way to go forward.  The new minister in town, seems to make the Adams family his own personal mission field.  He helps them with farm chores, listens to their woes and makes himself an invaluable friend, but does he want more than that?  Does Natalie want more than a friend from Pastor Jared?
This book was a great story.  I was hooked from the front page to the end.  I loved the way that Deborah really incorporated the love of the land both from Natalie and from Jared.  Definitely a book to share with your friends and to keep in your permanent library.  308 pages  US $10.99 5 stars

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  1. Hi Cindy, Thanks for the lovely review. I'm so glad you enjoyed Seeds of Summer. Many blessings to you & your readers!