Sing A Novel of Colorado

The Homeward Triology
Lisa T. Bergren
David C. Cook

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

The St. Clair children have lost alot, and have gained alot also, they just don't seem to recognize that.  Odessa St. Clair McAllen, nearly died with consumption and the doctor advised her to never have a child, but she has married and lives in Colorado where the air has cleared her consumption and has a darling baby boy.  Her inheritance from her parents, helped to buy new land for their horse ranch, but bitter winter storms have killed off too many in their herd and they are worried they will not make it. 
Moira St. Clair, has used her inheritance to travel to Paris to sing in the opera, however a dishonest manager has robbed her completely and she is left with no choice but to return to America.  While aboard ship returning to the United States, she meets and falls hard for a man who promises to help her career.  Little does she realize, his goal is to market her into a higher classed saloon singer, and to steal her innocence. 
Their brother Dominic has squandered his share of the inheritance with wild living and great travels.  Finding himself shanghaied in Buenes Aires after loosing a boxing match that a sea captain bet heavily on, he is on a ship headed for who knows where, when a great storm rips the ships to bits and he is the only survivor of the crash. 
Set in the late 1880's this book is very interesting and moves quickly between the lives of the children.  What none of them realize is that there is someone bent on revenge.  Someone wanting to take everything from them, just because he feels they have robbed him.  A very exciting story, one you will not want to put down.  373 pages $US 14.99 4 stars
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