James Rubart
B&H Fiction
Contemporary Fiction

WOW!! That had to be my first word for this book review. I first heard of James Rubart while in a chat for writers about marketing. I was so impressed with him in that chat, which made me super excited when B&H sent me his book to review. OH my this book is a MUST READ!!!

Micah Taylor has the world in his grasp, he is the owner and founder of a software company and he is beyond rich. But his world is fixing to change FAST! He receives a letter from his great uncle who passed away years ago. This letter is odd, firstly he never knew his uncle, and secondly his uncle has had a house built on the Oregon coast and left it to him. In fact this house was built specifically for him. Intrigued by the letter he goes to Oregon for a look. This area has sad memories for him, as it is the part of the coast where his mother drowned. The attraction of the house, and the odd circumstances of how it all came to be keep drawing Micah to the coast.

The house is huge with many many rooms, but it almost seems to expand as suddenly he finds rooms he doesnt remember being there before. Micah begins a long spiritual journey that brings him face to face with who he is, and who he will become. He will face facts that have been pushed down far into his memory, he will find out that love is easily lost. Will he find himself? An intriguing book that will hold your interest start to finish. 400 pages, US $14.99 5 stars.

This book was provided by B&H for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review

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