A Graphic Novel
by John B. Olson
adaptation by Linne
Artwork by M.Daily Walden
B&H Publishing
Fiction/Comic Book

Reveiwed by Cindy Loven

This is a graphic novel (aka comic book) that is a lead in to the novel Powers by John B. Olson.  With really great artwork, the story is portrayed partially.  The artwork is dark and mysterious as is the book Powers.  For more information about the book and the graphic novel Click here  
John Olson's book Powers is set in the heart of New Orleans, centered around two central characters Mari and Jazz (Jaazaniah the Prophet).  It is a very intense novel, and a bit dark. 
The comic book really is just a taste of the whole story and reels you into wanting to read the rest of the story. 
Available from your favorite bookseller of B&H books.

This comic was provided by B&H for review purposes only.  No payment was provided for this review

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