Out with the In Crowd

The reinvention of Skylar Hoyt
Book Two
Stephanie Morrill

Reveiwed by Cindy Loven

Stephanie Morrill totally gets teenage drama!! I thought as I read this book, she so understands the drama teenagers go through and cause. Out with the In Crowd is Book Two in a series, but it totally stands alone, in fact I didnt even realize it was a series book until I reached the end of the book, and saw the page announcing book three, and advertising book one.

Skylar Hoyt, has given up her wild ways, she has a totally cool boyfriend who is a great Christian, and she is trying hard to live a good Christian life. However life is a mess on the home front. Her little sister is pregnant at fifteen, her parents are split up, and it looks like they are headed for divorce court soon.Will Abbie keep the baby? Skylar finds herself hoping so, even though she knows it will be hard on Abbie, and on the entire family. Add in the fact that Skylar has major trust issues, and you have the setting for lots of teenage drama. Old friends, both boys and girls try to interfere with her relationship with her dream guy. Will she ever figure out how to trust, totally trust anyone?

Stephanie Morrill has given us a great story, and this book is definitely a book for the teenagers in your life to read. 252 pages $US 11.99 5 stars

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