The Country House Courtship

Linore Rose Burkard
Harvest House Publishers
Fiction/Regency Romance

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Set in the early 1800's, Beatrice Forsythe is on a mission.  A mission to gain a wealthy husband. She is sure her sister Ariana Forsythe Mornay, who has married into wealth herself, can launch her into a London Season.  Visiting her sister, Beatrice is trying to convince her sister a Season is a must, when things take a unexpected turn. 
First a gentleman, now a clergy man from her sister's past is in the neighborhood in view of a call to a position on her sister's husband property. A young man who did NOT leave a good impression on Mr. Mornay.  Secondly a young man from the city has taken up a residency nearby and is wooing Beatrice, convinced that a match with her, will put him in good graces with Mr. Mornay, and further him in his position in life.
However a dire illness befalls Ariana, nearly taking her life.  And it opens young Beatrice's eyes to the important things of life.  Will she fall for the correct gentleman?  Will a wealthy man offer her marriage?
Ms Burkard has written a lovely Regency Romance, one you will definitely want to read.  Discussion questions are included at the end of the book, for book clubs.  287 pages US $13.99 4 stars

This book was provided by Glass Roads PR for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.

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