A Stray Drop of Blood

Roseanna M. White
White Fire Publishing

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

A Stray Drop of Blood is a reprint of Roseanna White's book first released in 2005.  A Christian historical novel, this book is not light reading.  It is a very intense story.  A wonderfully written story, this story of a little girl, whose mother died, sold into slavery, and raised more as a daughter of the home, than a slave. 
The story of young Abigail, a  Jewish slave girl bought by a Roman soldier, married to a Jewish woman, raised and educated as most slaves were not.  Abigail grows into a beautiful woman, who catches the eye of the son of the house, returned from an assignment in Rome.  Taking the slave as his own, and robbing her of her innocence, she becomes pregnant, and the son, in love with her, marries Abigail, and she goes from a slave to family member.
However tragedy strikes at the criminal Barabbas and his band of evil thugs attack the city and her husband and father in law are both killed.  Desperate for vengence Abigail goes to the trial of the criminal only to find him released and the teacher Jesus being crucified in his place.  Standing beside the road a drop of blood falls from Jesus and lands on Abigail, and forever her life is changed. 
A beautiful story of love, redemption and how their lives are changed by Jesus, the story of the Visibullis household is a story that will captivate you from beginning to the end.  A story that will have you weeping in sorrow, and gritting your teeth at injustice at its peak.  A 5 star rated book.  A discussion guide at the end of the book  344 pages

This book was provided by the author for review purposes only, no cash nor payment was received for this review.

This book is available from the author at http://www.roseannawhite.com/

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