Thicker than Blood

C.J. Darlington
Tyndale House Publishers

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Christy and May Williams lost their parents fifteen years earlier. They also lost touch.  The death of their Aunt Edna, will bring them back together again.  However much has changed in those fifteen years.  They have each grown older, of course, but they each have also had their own issues and hard times to handle.  Each girl has handled their own problems differently.  Unfortunately Christy turned to booze to take away her pains, and now the pain of the past and the horribleness of the present is about to swallow her up. 
Accused of stealing and bilking her employers out of thousands of dollars, Christy believes it really can't get worse, she is fixing to find out it can and does get worse.  Her apartment is torched and Christy turns to the only person left in her life who might care, her sister May.  However, the crazy man in her life who torched her apartment is determined that if he can't have her, no one, not even her family can. 
A book filled with the sadness of facing problems, the dangers of being stalked by a madman and the uncertainity of how her relationship with her sister can be mended. C.J.Darlington has brought a book to keep you reading cover to cover.  A definite hit for this young author.  372 pages $12.99 US Available January 2010 4 stars
For more information about this author see her website C.J. Darlington.com
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