Melody Carlson

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Claudette Fiore' is one pampered, spoiled rich woman. Perhaps the better way is to say she was rich. 
A dishonest accountant, has avoided taxes on her husband's wealth and the IRS has stepped in and taken nearly everything.  Not used to being destitute, and having everything she wants, Claudette is depressed, mean and hateful.  If ever there was  a main character you really wanted to dislike, and perhaps smack some sense into, it is definitely Claudette Fiore'.

Totally a me, type personality, she does not understand why her sister dislikes her.  Why everyone thinks she is a snob.  And she does not like having to leave Beverly Hills for her hometown of Silverton.   Her stepson, graciously helps her set up her new home, and leaves her to settle in, with lists of how to do things, and things that need taken care of immediately. 

Follow along as she blunders her way through.  There are  some hilariously funny and some very sad moments also.  This book was awesome.  I was thinking at the beginning, a book about a rich selfish woman, and then as I got into the book I was drawn in by how Melody Carlson worked out the character of Claudette.  A book to read and share, group discussion questions at the end. 378 pages $US 13.99 4 stars.

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