Leaving Carolina

Piper Wick (Pickwick) has escaped her hometown of Pickwick North Carolina, for the big city. Living in LA and being a partner in a PR firm, she is on her way up. Romance may even be blossoming in her life, with one of her clients, a US Senator.

Then Pickwick calls, her uncle is ill, and is thinking of changing his will to right all the wrongs the Pickwick family has done through out the years. All of this is a wonderful idea, even the Christian thing to do, but it could mean big trouble for Piper, especially in view of who she is dating. The family attorney calls on her to come and do damage control.

A funny book, with hilarious moments of a Southern family. Leaving Carolina is a book about righting the wrongs in your life! You will not want to miss this book! Will romance be in Piper's future? Will she talk Uncle Obe into leaving the will and the potentially embarrassing mess in the past where it belongs? A must read! Tamara Leigh brings a wonderful novel, full of the love of Christ, in the different characters in this family. The dysfunctional Pickwick's will have you appreciating your normal family! 370 pages $13.99 US Multnomah Publishing

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Leaving Carolina

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