When You Lose Someone You Love

When You Lose Someone You Love
Comfort for those who grieve
Richard Exley
David C. Cook
Non fiction/Christian living

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

When you lose someone you love. Those words strike a fear in the hearts of most of us. Very few people are untouched by death. But different deaths bring different types of grief. Loosing a child as my husband and I have this very year, has brought about grief, as I have never known it.

Truly I wish this book would have been given to me by the funeral director, or someone close to me, when my son died in January (it was not available then). Even eight months later it is still providing great comfort to me.

Richard Exley, wrote this book, due to the fact he couldn't find a book like it to give to grieving people he ministered to. It is written in letter form, and is very simple to read. Each chapter ends with a prayer to pray, that is on topic for that chapter. A wonderful tool, a must have for all ministers to share with grieving families. Topics covered, The Truth about Grief, The Tides of Grief, The Pitfalls of Grief, The Promise of His Presence, those are just a few of the chapter titles. 128 pages $9.99 US

This book was recieved from B&B Media group, for review purposes, no cash payment was recieved for this review.

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