Busy People's Fast & Frugal Cookbook

Busy People's Fast & Frugal Cookbook
Delicious Recipes that are Healthy
And Easy on the Budget!
Dawn Hall
Thomas Nelson
Non Fiction/Cookbook

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Dawn Hall has brought us a cook book that is full of fast easy recipes, using canned goods, or mixes. Recipes that can be cooked and put together very quickly.One of the features of this cook book that really makes it stand out for me, is the side panels, where Dawn includes a shopping list, that is broken into store categories, ie staples, dairy, meat,etc. And she also includes suggested ways to serve the recipe, including the pages where side dish recipes are listed. And she gives tips at the end of the grocery lists to help you in putting the recipes together.

Something that I also noticed for was the fact that lots of the recipes included sugar free mixes, which I know is great for diabetics. But as someone who does not use anything including artificial sweetners, I was hoping for recipes that didn't include the mixes. She includes a very detailed breakdown of the nutritional information for each recipe, which is a plus, also including diabetic exchanges.

My favorite section was the soup recipes, I did see several soup recipes that I will be trying out. She has some wonderful chowder recipes. A very thorough cook book, including, breakfast recipes, appetizers, soups, salads, breads, desserts, main dishes, sides and beverages.

For someone who cooks totally from scratch, these recipes will have to be adapted to use, but if you cook on the run all the time, the shortcuts will be great time savers. 295 pages $19.99 US 3 stars

This book was sent to me from the publisher, for review purposes, no payment was received for this review


  1. Wasn't this one recently up for review? If not there was a cookbook up for review and I wanted it, but hadn't finished my current book, and when I had the cookbook was gone! Guess I must read faster :)

  2. yes it was, I nabbed it when I saw it up there.