The Transformation Bible (Review)

The Transformation Study Bible (NLT)
Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe General Editor
David C Cook
Non fiction/Bibles/Study

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

The Transformation Study Bible (hardback) was sent to me to review. I love reviewing Bibles! There is nothing that can beat that new Bible smell or feel. Not even a new car smell, can compare with a new Bible smell. I know your probably laughing at me already, but I assure you this is true, for me anyways.

The Transformation Study Bible is a large Bible, one that you might not want to carry everywhere, due to its size, but a wonderful Bible for at home studying. Over 2300 pages long, it has every study tool imaginable. It concludes with colorful maps, a section for personal notes, an index of preaching outlines, and an in-depth dictionary and concordance.

While flipping thru and reading sections of the book of John, which is my favorite book in the Bible, these are the things that jumped out at me. The things that make The Transformation Bible, more than an ordinary study Bible. First of all, each book, has an overview of that book. The overview tells the history, the setting, and who the book was written for. It will be very helpful in helping you understand the particular book of the Bible you are reading. Next there is a section that tells you what the theme is for that book of the Bible. For the book of John, the theme was “be transformed.” As you delve into the book, you have cross references, textual footnotes, and commentary by verse. Each book also contained commentary sections called Catalyst sections. These Catalyst sections are additional commentary and history behind sections of that book of the Bible. For example in John 3, there was a Catalyst called Transformed by Jesus, that was about Nicodemus. In John 15, there was a Catalyst titled Living in the True Vine. These Catalysts are dispersed through-out the entire Bible.

The Transformation Bible is a wonderful study tool, a great addition to any home library, and an invaluable tool to pastors, teachers, and anyone with a passion for studying the Bible. 2318 pages
$39.99 US (hardback edition)

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