Stray Affections Book Review

Stray Affections
Charlene Ann Baumbich
Water Brook Press

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Cassandra Higgins, had a great life. Four sons, an adoring husband, who had a job that allowed her to be a stay at home mom. She did do daycare out of her home for her "critter" spending money.

So everything should be great, right? Why does she have this sense of dread? Feeling like she needs to scream? Cassie had a sad life, her daddy committed suicide when she was a young child, her grandfather died the next year, and she had to give away her dog Toby. Her mom was sad and seemingly unfeeling toward all of it.

Cassie's yearly visit to her favorite flea market, brought a change she would have never expected. The purchase of a mysterious snow globe, changed Cassie. Accidentally getting two black eyes, and then having her wallet stolen and appearing on the nightly news, brought about the beginning change in her relationship with her mom.

Follow through this wonderful story, and get to know Cassandra and her family and friends. See unexpected love show up, where no one ever dreamed possible. Cheer on Cassie as she faces her fears, and begins a healing path. Healing her broken heart, mending her broken relationship with her mom and living life to the fullest. Most definitely a book to share with friends, especially animal lovers. A discussion guide and recipes for Burt's Durves included at the end of the story. 303 pages $13.99 US

Available at Random House

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