Snow Melts in the Spring (Review)

Seasons of the Tallgrass
Snow Melts in Spring Book One
Deborah Vogts
Christian Fiction

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Dr. Mattie Evans is in love, with the Flint Hills of Kansas, she loves the land, she loves the people and she loves the animals. Veterinarian Mattie Evans is building a practice, slowly but surely in the area she loves, when troubles beset her, animals she is treating dies, a horrible accident leaves the horse of a famous home town hero injured so badly she suggests putting it down, and then a fire destroys her clinic and home.
Deborah Vogts brings us a story of overcoming odds, of love, of compassion and romance too. Gil McCray, hometown hero, is retiring, football has been good to him but age is catching up, it is time to retire, and settle down, marry perhaps and train horses. But first Gil has to rest the demons that have tormented him over the years concerning his brother's death.
Follow along and read in anticipation of the story to come and Gil and Mattie's paths cross, you will be delighted and never bored with this book. Toss in a sister who is much older than Mattie, and who seems to cause trouble and strife where ever she goes and you have a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next. Deborah Vogts has brought us a wonderful book, and we will all wait in anticipation for more Tall Grass books to come. 302 pages $10.99 US

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