The Hole in Our Gospel

The Hole in our Gospel
Richard Stearns
Thomas Nelson
Non fiction/Christian living/Spiritual growth

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

What does God expect of us? The answer that changed Richard Stearns life and might just change the world, is found in this book.
The Hole in our Gospel is the story of how a CEO of a luxury company, became the President of World Vision. How Richard Stearn's life became of life of doing God's work instead of paying others to do it for him.
A devout Christian, Richard had made his way up the corporate ladder and was on the top, in fact he had been CEO of two major companies, and was comfortable where he was, he had his dream home, his children attended a exclusive private Christian school, they all attended a wonderful church and life was good. Then God began to rattle Richard's cage, so to speak, he started putting people in his path who suggested he take the job of President at World Vision. Follow Richard's story of how God changed his life forever.
What does God expect of us? We are to love God, to love our neighbors, and to go and make disciples of others who will do the same. Read along in this book and grasp the vision that God gave Richard about what He expects of His followers.
A wonderful book that will "mess with your stuff" as I told my friends. I highly recommend this book to all Christians.

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