The Call of Zulina Grace in Africa Book One (Review)

The Call of Zulina
Grace in Africa
Kay Marshall Strom
2009 (Release August 2009)
Abingdon Press

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Grace Winslow, a pampered daughter of a white slave trader and African princess, has come to a place of decision. Will she marry the rich white man who wants her as a possession or will she find her way?
Kay Strom brings us a powerful historical novel about the slave trade of the late 1700's in Africa. This story while fictional, is based on a true slave house, with a true African/White slave trade couple.
This story unfolds, bringing us a story of horror, of unimaginable cruelty and of betrayal. Grace is betrayed by her parents and in danger of her life, but her own personal tragedy will become triumph as she stays true to who she is. Follow the story as strong leaders emerge from the African slaves, held in the fortress of Zulina. Learn historical and native facts about the way African villages are plundered and pillaged, as the white slave traders, use other slaves to capture more slaves. Meet Mama Muco, a slave in the home of the white slave trader and African princess, who helped to raise Grace, who taught Grace about faith in God and who helps Grace escape.
Truly a story that is emotional, educational, Kay Strom has brought us a wonderful book, that will make us examine the social injustice and the horrible truths about slave trade.
320 pages $13.99 US. This book will be released August 2009
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