Rest: Living in Sabbath Simplicity

Rest, Living in Sabbath Simplicity
Keri Wyatt Kent
Religion/Christian life/Spiritual Growth

When offered a chance to review this book, I jumped, because the title caught my eye, Rest Living in Sabbath Simplicity. I have for years believed certain things about the Sabbath and was very interested in reading this book.
I am going to say up front, this book was not what I expected. Having studied, for several years about Jewish customs, holidays and feasts, I had an expectancy for this book, that was not met. That does not mean this book is a bad book, by all means it is not a bad book, it just was not what I was expecting to read.
Keri, expresses her views and ideas of Sabbath rest very wonderfully, and leans hard toward the side of resting. This is a book about resting, taking a break from your busy lives and finding a place and a time to rest and rejuvenate. I did not really find any great truths about the Sabbath, in this book. There were some things that puzzled me, in the chapter about reconnecting, she speaks of Jesus giving the two most important commandments, she discusses how difficult it is to love all people all the time, and then I was left with the impression that she felt it was alright to observe these two commandments only on the Sabbath. I am sure that was not her intention, but it was the impression I walked away from that chapter with.
All that said, I am glad for a chance to read the book, there were some great points in the book. At the end of the book each chapter has discussion questions for a book study group, which is very helpful. 223 pages $14.99 US

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  1. Cindy
    Thanks so much for the review. You've probably read a lot of the books I cite in Rest, if not, I'd recommend them.
    This book was really aimed at people who are not as far along on their Sabbath journey--people who are frazzled and living life at a crazy pace. I wanted to make Sabbath simple for them--and to encourage them to listen to God's leading as they shape this practice.
    I'd love to hear from your readers, they can visit my blog at www.SabbathSimplicity.com/soul/
    thanks again for the review.