Scrapping Plans (Review)

Scrapping Plans
Rebeca Seitz
B&H Publishing Group

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Weddings, travels, babies, oh my goodness, whatever are these sisters up to this time? Sisters Ink is going strong, the business is doing great, Tandy and Clay are married, Kendra is planning her wedding with Darin, and Joy and Scott are having a baby. Sister Meg is keeping everyone calm and in line, while battling her own issues, with headaches that are coming more often.
Trouble is brewing though, the Sinclair sisters are in a snit, Daddy Sinclair is seeing way too much of a certain spiky haired woman for their comfort, so they are working on a plan to fix things, and as usual for the Sisters Ink, it blows up in their face. You will follow along with the sisters, as they try to un-do their doings, solve each others problems, face trials and crisises, and travel.
I must add this, infertility is a delicate issue, and it is faced very head on, in this book, there are things about infertility in this book that will make you cry. This story is very heart rendering, but it is a wonderful book and Rebeca Seitz has once again showed us, that she is a wonderful author who handles the problems people face in life, with great faith and determination. Another 5 star rating book, and truly a book that is worth sitting down to read, and sharing with your friends. Great job to Rebeca and to B&H Publishing Group!! 311 pages $14.99 US
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