The Justice Game (Review)

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The Justice Game
Randy Singer
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Reviewed by Cindy Loven

A company that makes big money out of predicting court case outcomes. Not just guessing at them, but setting up mock trials, mock juries, and using lots of research, resources and investigation tools. That is how to describe Justice Inc, where Jason Noble is an up and coming lawyer, in fact so good he looses his job because he is able to argue cases better than the actual prosecutors and it skews the results of the research for the Justice Inc. investors
Kelly Starling, another Justice Inc. lawyer alumni, she and Jason are thrown into the case of the century by Justice Inc., a case that will take all each lawyer has to win, will cause lots of public uproar, and puts the judge in a precarious position. A gun case, charging a gun manufacturer with negligence by selling to suppliers who use straw buyers for obtaining guns for felons, and others not eligible to own a gun.
These two lawyers are not in this case by accident, it was orchestrated by Justice Inc, knowing that each lawyer would give all they have to win. Justice Inc, is facing problems due to recommendations that had wrong outcomes and they have dismissed one of the main founders of the company, and this case is their shot at trying to redeem themselves, so there is a lot riding on this case.
Each lawyer has their own story and life that is explored in this book, I personally found this book very slow moving, there were too many side story lines, and distractions from the actual case. The actual story was fascinating, but the side stories, and the political side of the book really was distracting for me. A very long book also, very hard to get through it all, as slow as it moved along. 494 pages $13.99 US Available July 2009

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