Hidden Joy

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Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner
The Transforming Power of God's Story
Wendy Blight
Moody Publishers
Religion/Christian Life/Spiritual Growth

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Wendy, a young college graduate was on her way. She had just graduated from college, was getting ready to be married and was spending her last few days of vacation before starting a new job, with her friends, when the unthinkable happened. A masked man, viciously raped her, in her own home. Her life would never be the same again.

Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner is Wendy's story of her life and learning to live with the after effects of being sexually assaulted. Her questions for God, her raving and anger towards God for allowing this to happen, and her healing and recovery is all recorded in this book. Wendy learns that the Bible is more than the storybook, she had always thought it was. She found life, healing and answers in her Bible. Follow along as she finds the answers to why God allowed this to happen in her life, as she learns the importance of quiet time with God, the power of prayer, and discovers the wonderful life to be found in a personal relationship with God.

Hidden Joy is a book that is well written, very easy to read and a book that speaks to your inner being. I highly recommend this book, to any one dealing needing emotional healing in their lives. The end of the book has a chapter by chapter guide for study and reflection. Wendy Blight has written a book that can bring emotional healing to all who read it. 205 pages $13.99 US

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  1. Cindy,

    Thank you for taking time to read and review Hidden Joy. What a thoughtful and kind review. You shared exactly what my heart has prayed for every woman who reads this book...that they will find God and His Word as the answer to their pain and brokenness in their life.

    Sweet Blessings to you,