Shadows on the River

Shadows on the River
Linda Hall
Steeple Hill Books
Christian Fiction/Mystery/Suspense
ISBN 13:978-0-373-4436-9

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Twenty five years earlier Ally saw her best friend fall to her death and Ally's life was forever changed. Sure that the boy her friend was with had pushed her friend to her death, she is amazed and dismayed that she is not believed and her family is ostracized.
Fast forward 25 years and Ally is now an adult, an engineer who designs boats and is raising her deaf daughter alone, after a failed marriage. Right in the middle of a huge snow storm, there is a news story about the man who pushed her friend and he is involved in another suspicious death. All her fears and doubts arise as she is sure that this too is murder, and she finds herself right in the middle of the entire thing. Threats against her daughter and herself, then someone breaking into her home to take her childhood diary, throw Ally into a tailspin.
Add in a gorgeous young man, Mark, who works with her, who also has a mysterious past with the same man, and there is the potential for romance, but the main story for me was about Ally, rediscovering her faith. After her friend died and her family was shunned by the local church, she was mad at God, then a failed marriage and a handicapped child, did not help matters any. But as she stumbles her way through discovering the truth in this mystery, Ally finds herself facing the loss of her faith, and turning back to God.
This story was a wonderful book and definitely a 4 star rating. 216 pages $5.50 US

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