The Moon Shines Down

The Moon Shines Down Review
Author Margaret Wise Brown
Illustrated by Linda Bleck
Publisher Thomas Nelson
Genre: Children's Fiction/Picture/Learning to Read

A hidden treasure, in a cedar chest for 56 years after the death of the author Margaret Wise Brown, The Moon Shines Down, is a wonderful picture book for children. Based upon a New England Sampler, the book is a wonderful easy to read book for young readers. The original manuscript, too short for a standard sized picture book,was completed by children's book publisher Laura Minchew. The completion blends seamlessly with the original manuscript, leaving the readers unaware of where the original ended and the completion started.
This book takes will take young readers on a trip around the world to different countries, with glimpses and views of what the moon is shining down on, in that country. It is very informative, without being overwhelming for young readers. My favorite country page was the page for Africa. This story also includes the moon shining down at Christmas, making it a wonderful holiday edition for story time.
All children will love this book, due to the wonderful illustrations by Linda Bleck. The colors and pictures are lively and bright, very eye catching. I loved the illustrations in this lovely children's book, they are wonderfully done. Kudos to the illustrator. This book is a wonderful addition for any home library. 16.99 U.S

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