Billy a book review

Title: Billy
Author: William Paul McKay and Ken Abraham
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 978-0-8499-2067-7
Genre: Inspirational/biography

It always comes down to this, us coming face to face with ourselves and with God and working out our own soul's salvation with fear and trembling. This book written by William Paul McKay and Ken Abraham is a wonderful portrayal of exactly how this happened in the life of the Reverend Billy Graham. A biographical parallel between the lives of Billy Graham and Charles Templeton, Billy takes us back to the very beginning, where the two young men give their lives to Christ. We follow them on their journey through life. We see each man facing their doubts, even faltering, but one man stays true to God and to the calling of God on his life.
This book will cause you to laugh, cry, grieve and rejoice, with each step of faith, or lack of faith as the two young men face up to their questions and doubts. Never before have I read authors who have so perfectly portrayed the spiritual battle for Dr Graham's soul. Just as doubt was planted (by the enemy of our souls) into the mind's of Billy and Charles, the difference in each man was FAITH. The just shall live by faith and not by sight. This part of the book spoke volumes to me concerning the battle for all of our souls, and how the enemy strives to keep us from fulfilling our destiny in Christ. We settle for mediocrity, and never reach our full potential spiritually, let us be like Billy and press through the warfare. I feel this is a must read book for all Christians, especially those struggling with their faith, it is more than a biographical book, there is a message for us in the pages of this book.
A picture of true integrity is portrayed in all the areas of Dr Graham's life. Literally millions of people have made decisions for Christ in the crusades. This year is Dr Graham's 90th birthday, what an awesome blessing God has given to the world via Dr Graham. Billy is a book that makes you feel a very part of the life of Billy Graham. A highly recommended book from this reviewer! 264 pages $19.99

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