Kristen Heitzmann
Waterbrook Press

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Set in the small mountain town of Redford Colorado, you probably couldn't find a more dysfunctional set of characters.  A police chief in the grip of rumors that he killed his own father, with a mother who blamed him for the death already.  A young woman with degrees she earned online, whose whole family have rejected her because of a indescretion she was caught in.  A young woman working in the local bakery, ran by a retired Seargent who is trapped in the grief and blame of his wife and son's death, whose family are insurance scammers. A man so afraid of germs, he wont touch his money. The list goes on and on and includes some pyscho killing and mutilating animals. 
The police chief tries to keep the animal mutilations low key, and they easily fall to the back burner as a drug/meth cooking investigation takes front stage.  One of his officer's husband is using, and he is arrested and later dies in jail from an overdose.  Who is cooking this stuff and who is selling it?  Who slipped in the drugs that were laced that killed Sam? 
A mystery surrounds the town, and the police chief Jonah Westfall works hard to find the truth.  Definitely a book to share with your friends.  Will love be re-ignited between the chief and the only girl he has ever loved?  Will the others learn to stand up and face their own demons?  325 pages $13.99 US 4 stars

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