A Memoir
Tosca Lee
2010 (Reprint from 2007, to be released June 1)
B & H Fiction

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Why would anyone want to read a memoir of a demon, even a fictional story?  I sort of asked myself this same question when I received this book to review.  However as I sat down with this book I was truly amazed at the imagery of the book. Basing her description of Eden and the demons/fallen angels and Lucifer on Ezekiel 28, Tosca Lee has used her skilled talents with words to paint a true picture of what the world was before the fall of Lucifer, and the true purpose of the angels and of Lucifer.
Taking the story of the fall and using a human to tell it, she gives the demon Lucien (a fallen angel) a different human form each time he meets with Clay.  Clay is an editor at a publishing house in Boston, and he begins writing the story.  However it begins to consume him, and he is also not truly getting the grasp of the truth of the story.
A beautiful story of God's true love for humanity, this book will have you in awe of the imagery, and the beauty of the story.  I read portions aloud to my husband, just in awe at how Tosca described and verbalized those descriptions.  Most definitely a book to read!!! 352 pages $14.99 US 5 stars.

This book was provided for review purposes only.  Learn more about his book HERE or check out Tosca at her website


  1. is it sorta like C.S Lewis' book Screw Tape Letters?

  2. I don't know I never read that book, but that is the second time I have heard it mentioned recently, perhaps I need to read it..