Angel's Den (Review)

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Angel's Den
Jamie Carie
B&;H Fiction

Reviewed by Cindy Loven
Set in 1808 in Saint Louis and along the path and trails of the Lewis and Clark expedition, Angels den opens with us meeting Emma, the daughter of prominent parents, an only child. A bit spoiled, but a lovely young woman. Her wedding is her dream come true, at least that is what she thinks. However after the wedding, she realizes that the man she thought she loved and the man she married are worlds apart.

Eric Monclaire, famed and acclaimed as the most handsome man west of the Appalachians, is not all that meets the eye. A cruel, dishonest, and conniving man, he abuses his new wife. Forces himself upon her and forces her to go on a yearlong expedition to the Pacific Ocean.

A trip fraught with danger from all sides, Emma is locked in her cabin, abused by her husband and driven to the edge and back. Seeing a honored and respected judge die in her arms, drives Emma to realize only she can save herself. Seizing the opportunity, she grabs the judge's gun and shoots her husband, and then flees. On the run Emma is determined not to trust anyone, even the nice young cartographer, who has helped her so many times and who has come with her.

Follow this exciting novel through the pages, find out what happens to Eric, Emma and the whole expedition. A truly exciting and wonderfully written book, Jamie Carie has brought us in Angel's Den. 332 pages $14.99 US. Release date February 1, 2009. Available at your favorite book store, where B & H Books are sold.

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